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Skin Balance moisturiser

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Our fast absorbing Skin Balance moisturiser works all day to fight + kill breakout bacteria, for long term healthy skin ♡

Your new secret weapon to tackle blackheads, acne, excess oil.. you name it! 

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES especially our oily/problematic skin babes

Including eczema + psoriasis prone skin. We have you guys covered ♡


☆ Vegan + Cruelty-free

☆ Made in Australia with all Organic ingredients

☆ 60ml pump bottle for easy + controlled use

☆ Fast absorbing + Non- Greasy finish


☆ Quandong extract - is the miracle ingredient! It is rich vitamin C source, which reduces darkness, pigmentation & gives your skin its glow back! Quandong also works actively to keep your skin cells clear throughout the day. So it is always working its magic to prevent future breakouts! 

☆ Grapeseed Oil - attacks deep acne bacteria to eliminate active breakouts & prevent future ones! Is also an instant anti-inflammatory for aggravated skin.

☆ Hyaluronic acid – holds 1,000 times its weight in water! This means it is going to provide your skin with long term intense hydration. Also prevents the development of wrinkles, and treats already present wrinkles to diminish their appearance.